Web design and production

A website is one of the most important part of any company business and the best way for product presentation and marketing strategy for sending your message to clients. No serious company can afford to do business without having a website where all relevant information and company's work will be presented, it is essential for having a professional image and communication towards clients, as well as for successful enterprise, and among other things, it enables that information on your company and products are available to everyone at any moment which is something that is not enabled by any other marketing method. Well designed and produced website is a cornerstone for successful and profitable business of every professional and important company.

Website production is a complex work, and we also offer you original design which is compatible for all Internet browsers, maintenance and website SEO for engines such as Google and Bing. Each production consists of a few stages, in accordance with client's wishes and needs. Our production service includes basic website design scheme, design template, putting website on a server, testing and launching.

Finished website has to be updated on regular basis in order to have all the newest and correct information on products/services and the company itself, therefore the content renewal is essential to keep the website up-to-date for the visitors. Website content can be updated by yourself through CMS (Content Management System) or you can let us manage it for a very affordable price, an we will do it in a fast, easy and safe way.

Website must also be up-to-date when it comes to its visual appearance therefore it is advisable to make a website redesign in order to make it appear fresh and modern since the website design makes 50% of your success in the market. Outdated design doesn't provoke trust with website visitors and it can leave an impression of less professional business and superficiality which, in the end, can result in low visit rate and less profit. Website redesign includes creating new visual appearance which is of high importance to us, and renewing content by expanding it and modifying it according with the website visitors' needs thus improving marketing promotion of the company and its products/services. An up-to-date modern website leaves an impression of a highly professional level of the business and it sends a message to the users that the company wishes to make their information search as easy and simple as possible and that the company itself is a serious and professional organization that offers high quality services and products. Even if you are satisfied with your company website, it is essential to redesign it after every few years in order to maintain its quality and therefore the website production, i.e. its redesign is the best business move you can make.

Web shop design and production

Placing a product on the market via on-line store, i.e. webshop is the best investment when starting or expanding your business, and the advantages compared to the traditional shops are immeasurable since the profitability is much higher and the expenses are much lower, and the products are available to the potential buyers 24/7.

Webshop production begins with defining all the needs of a client and with making a module that meets every request thus creating an integral and optimal webshop adapted for the products and company business. We also offer you a production of mobile webshops in a form of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms that are available at App Store and Google Play online stores. Besides the production, we also do webshop SEO for the best search engine ranking.

Webshop production includes all elements necessary for impeccable performance - presentation of unlimited number of products with image gallery, product reviews, user accounts, standard "shopping cart" form, advance search, order tracking, various payment methods, support of all payment gateway systems and other payment methods (cash, on delivery, bank transfer) and many more. Besides these standard functions, we also produce webshops with special functions/modules according to the specific needs of our clients, for instance, a webshop can be associated with the status of supplies.

Webshop production guarantees that your products are distributed to their buyers even faster and simpler, with optimal balance of invested money and profit, and improve your business to a higher level.

Real estate websites

Web application for real estate is an ideal product for all the agencies that sell or rent property as it enables the users to manage their agency website as well as to manage the very agency so we offer you web application production. Fer real estate is a web application for real estate which will make your business more efficient and faster.

This application enables entering unlimited number of properties, their images and information that can be divided into categories, there is also Google Maps integration, search tool, and property data can be directly exported to the ads websites. This web application enables you to manage your agency as well which includes keeping official records, document printing, account set up and user management and other various options which will make your everyday work easy.

Besides the desktop version of this application, we also offer you mini application for mobile devices so you could stay in touch with your business all the time. Real estate web application can be integrated in the agency website design.

Apartment rental web application

Today, tourism is the key industry in Croatia, and private accommodation is its main branch which sets new standards in business each year. In order to keep up with the latest trends and be one step ahead when it comes to business competition it is important to have a good promotion and working tools which is why we offer you website for property owners.

Website for rental properties gives you quality presentation of your holiday property. Apart from website building we offer rental management system that has many options and features such as image and data upload, presentation in 10 different languages, price display, availability calendar and contact form for guests to make inquiries.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing or SEO is inseparable part of any company presentation and its on-line business. A good website is work only half done because the website must have good visit ranking and good positioning in order to be efficient and working so that the potential customers could find the company and information they need. Internet marketing is a permanent investment but it is also the best way to invest in the marketing when it comes to business as quality SEO brings more visitors to the website, and consequently more real clients to the company. Majority of website visitors finds the website through Internet search engines, hence good positioning is of the utmost importance for on-line success.

Website SEO includes placing your website on general and specific advertising websites, defining key words and modifying content with key words for target audience, connecting with other websites through links, modifying the website code and analysis of the website ranking at Internet search engines.

Internet marketing is a package of services that we offer, and it includes website SEO and other marketing services such as marketing strategy plan for the website promotion, creating and carrying out marketing campaigns through banners (and the design of the banners), media hire, creating and carrying out key words campaigns, monitoring of website visit statistics and website maintenance.

Google Adwords campaigns

Google AdWords campaigns are fast and simple way to advertise in the Google search engine and today they are the most popular and the most efficient way to enhance your website marketing on the Internet.

AdWords is a Google service that allows you to advertise at the Google Internet search engine (which is currently the leading search engine). AdWords campaigns include creation of an ad which aims at keywords related to the company business field in order for the company website to appear in the search results when those words are entered in the search engine, and you can choose maximum amount that you pay for each click on your website made by a person that searched for those words, and an extra advantage is that you only have to pay in case someone clicks on your ad. To make Google AdWords campaign more efficient, we send you a monthly report which includes how many times the website has appeared in the results, number of clicks, prices per click and total prices, we make payments to Google by our credit cards, and we also do advising, make modifications and add new keywords and ads.

Facebook campaigns

Facebook is a leading social media network for communication in the 21st century and many people have realized how important and suitable it is for marketing and staying in touch with clients, as well as providing all the necessary information and it has the advantage of addressing the target audience.

All of this can be done with Facebook campaigns. We offer you Facebook campaign management on a weekly/monthly basis with production of applications and tabs according to your wishes and needs. Our Facebook campaign will gain you many users who will find your company and your products and services, and Facebook campaign allows them to comment, like and share the content which will give you a priceless feedback on your products and their presentation.

Visual identity

In order to make a company recognizable and to easily reach the audience it needs to have a clear visual identity which will make it to stand out in the market and in the presentation of its products/services and own company identity.

Company partners and clients must receive information on company's goals and practices in a simple and clear way, and visual identity enables exactly that – together with marketing campaign, company's brand name and identity are being built which makes it recognizable in the market and public altogether.

Creating visual identity is a demanding process that is being performed in accordance with client's wishes and with what they want to emphasize as unique aspect and quality of a company. Every visual identity is composed of basic elements such as company name, logo, colours and typography, and directions for using them are defined in a book of standards which guide us how to apply visual identity in practice.

Print preparation

Advertising material in print form are an important part of marketing campaign that allow us to reach the target users easily. An important part of their production is print preparation which has to be made well so the advertising material would retain its quality when finished.

We offer you print preparation service in association with the printing company that will make the promo material. You can choose the printing company or let us find you the best offer regarding your location and demands in order to give you a quality result with best price.

Multimedia and video

Multimedia presentations allow us to have presentations of companies, products and services in a dynamic and interesting way, and they include several media – image, sound, video, text, animation – and are easy to use. One of their advantages is that they are adjustable (the content, media.. it can all be modified) so the user can edit them according to the needs of a certain presentation. Multimedia presentations are easy to use and do not take too much space on the website so the creation of multimedia presentation is an essential part of business marketing.

We also offer you video presentation creation. Video presentation is an easy and simple way to spread your messages and information, and combining recorded material with illustrations, 3D models and animations allow us to create them according to our clients' wishes and needs. We make marketing, industrial and training video presentations which can be a part of multimedia presentations or placed on websites and services for video material distribution.

Mobile apps and games development
In order to advance and keep the current position on the market, it is necessary to adjust to the market demands and users, and mobile applications are a must for any serious company that wants to ach

ieve those goals, as well as an essential tool for modern business.

We offer you mobile application development so you could reach your end users more easily and simple. In addition to mobile application development, we offer you games development for iOS and Android platform, with top production and design.

Mobile application development is made with constant communication with clients, according to their wishes and needs, and it includes testings, modifications as well as launching and placement on the online app stores. Our professional and expert development approach guarantees optimal performance and price of the final product in accordance with our clients' wishes.